Buying Silver Ingots

Buying Silver Ingots

Silver ingots or silver bars are one of the best investment options for every investor in physical silver. They are more popular than silver bullion coins or rounds like American Eagles, Engelhard Prospectors, Maple Leaf coins, Libertad coins etc. Why?

Silver ingots carry much lower premium over spot silver than silver bullion coins. It is true especially for larger silver bullion bars like 100-oz silver bars.

But buying the silver ingots is not as easy as it appear to be.

Buy silver ingots safe

While buying silver ingots you should always remember the follow rules:

1. Buy larger ingots. The best are the 100-oz silver ingots. The smaller ingots have higher premium and the 1000-oz ingots are harder to sell. 100-oz silver bullion ingots are highly liquid investment and have low premium over the spot.

2. Buy silver ingots and bars only from reputable brands. Engelhard and Johnson Matthey are the brands you should always prefer because the ingots can be easily sold any time. 100-oz Engelhard silver ingots may be the most popular silver bullion product in the world while Johnson Matthey silver ingots also very popular.

3. Always check brand name, purity, serial number and weight of the silver ingot – reputable ingots should have purity, weight, serial number and brand name imprinted on them.

Buying Silver Ingots

Buying Silver Ingots

4. Buy silver ingots during periods when market price of the silver is low. Check the current price of silver before buying ingots and the premium over the spot. Also check shipping and handling costs before buying. Try to buy the silver ingots at the best price. Sometimes you can buy silver bars without any premium over spot.

5. Buy only from reputed dealers. When buying on Ebay always check Ebay sellers’ feedbacks. You want to buy genuine silver ingots and not fake. You can also buy from well known online dealers like APMEX, COMEX, Bullion Direct, Kitco, Monex or Northwest Territorial Mint. From these dealers you can also buy other silver bullion products like popular silver bullion coins or 1-oz silver rounds.

6. Be informed

You should read a lot to know silver market well. Subscribe to few feed, email news, find and bookmark the best blog about silver. It help you to make profit when buying and selling silver ingots.