Investing in Silver Ingots

About Silver Ingots

Silver ingots (or silver bars) are outstanding investment option. Silver ingots are both versatile and economical. Uniformity of size, quality, and purity of silver ingots makes them easy to trade and sale. Silver ingots are sized uniformly, ensuring that they are easy to stack and store.

While silver bullion coins may be priced at a higher premium above their spot silver price, silver ingots usually provide low premiums.

While silver ingots come in several denominations, certain weights are preferable for the purposes of investing in silver bullion ingots. There are silver ingots from 1 oz to 1000 oz or from 5 grams up to and over 5 Kilo ingots. The 1000-oz silver ingots are the industry standard for trading. The most popular among silver investors are 100-oz silver ingots. 100-oz silver ingots carry the least premium over spot silver price.

Every silver ingot is marked with the purity, weight and the refiner hallmark.

As the precious metals market has gained momentum as an alternative from stock, investing in silver ingots offers a unique opportunity for consistent and reliable return on investment.

Silver Ingots Investing

Silver Ingots Investing

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in silver ingots

Silver ingots are usually the least expensive option while investing in physical silver: they carry a low premium over spot silver. Silver ingots are very liquid, convertible into cash easily and internationally negotiable. Price of silver ingots is widely quoted. And silver ingots are able to be used in an IRA accounts.
But investing in silver ingots has few disadvantages. Silver bullion ingots must be stored securely and possible need for assay at time of sale. Also they yield no interest.

The best Brands of Silver Ingots: Engelhard and Johnson Matthey

There are many brands of silver ingots. The most popular brands among silver investors are Engelhard silver bars and Johnson Matthey silver bars. These silver bullion ingots are rare sight on the precious metals market. The most famous are 100-oz Johnson Matthey silver ingots and 100-oz Engelhard silver ingots.

Other brands silver ingots are Perth Mint, Academy, Pan American Silver, Sunshine Mint, Wall Street Mint and Royal Canadian Mint.

Producing Silver Ingots

Silver ingots are usually made through one of two processes: pouring or extrusion. To form extruded silver ingots, melted silver is forced into a die or mold. This is by far the more common method of creating silver ingots. Poured silver ingots are created by pouring melted silver into a mold, where it then cools to the desired shape. Because poured silver ingots often have slightly less consistent weight, extrusion is the preferred method of producing silver ingots.

Where to buy Silver Ingots

You can buy silver bullion ingots from local silver dealers or online. APMEX, Monex or Northwest Territorial Mint are good options. Try also online auction like Ebay or online stores like Amazon. Always check the reputation of the dealers who sell silver ingots online.

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